Country Lofts specialise in loft conversions.

In an ever-changing and advancing world we all seem to need more space in our homes. At Country Lofts our aim is to not only offer you solutions that create light, spacious loft areas to fit your lifestyle, but also to convert your loft space at a realistic and affordable price. A loft built to the highest standards, those which Country Lofts will achieve for you, can increase the value of your property substantially.

A quality loft conversion should work in harmony with your home to enhance the characteristics of the property. An aesthetically pleasing finish combined with the functionality you need will ensure that your loft space offers maximum benefit and, most importantly, meets your needs and requirements.

When we receive your initial enquiry, we will contact you to arrange for one of our design surveyors to meet you at your home. During this meeting our surveyor will discuss with you in detail all your requirements and concerns relating to your loft conversion and you will be advised of any technical issues regarding Planning or Building Regulation matters.

We complete most lofts within 5 weeks and we guarantee that all the building works will be carried out by ourselves. At Country Lofts we have over 20 years experience and all our work is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.


  • Is my loft suitable for conversion?

    Not all lofts can be converted: in some cases it is not practical. One of the main concerns is the head height of your existing property. Realistically, you will need a minimum of 2.2 metres head height in your current loft space. This should be measured form the apex of the roof to the top of the existing joist. Bear in mind that you will lose some height when your new floor and ceilings are installed.

    It is, however, still possible to carry out a loft conversion even if the head height is less than optimal. Your ceilings can be lowered or your structural steel work can be lowered into your first floor ceiling.

    Your property must have sufficient load bearing walls to support the extra burden. If you have a bungalow, for example, we may need to assess whether the existing structure will be enough to support the additional load. In many cases, however, a successful loft conversion can still be achieved.

    The Country Lofts team are experienced at converting all types of properties and will usually be able to recommend a solution to suit your requirements.

  • Do I need Planning Permission?

    A numbers of factors must be taken into account when deciding whether or not your property needs planning permission. You would not normally need to obtain planning permission for your loft conversion provided that:

    • The house is a single family dwelling and not a flat or maisonette.
    • The proposed extension or dormer window should not be raised above the highest part of the roof: if it faces a highway, it must not be extended
    • The loft conversion does not amount to more than 40 cubic metres in the case of a terraced house or 50 cubic metres in any other case. (This is measured externally)
    • If it is combined with any other existing extension to your house, it does not exceed the permitted development allowance.

    You will need planning permission when:

    • Your property is a flat
    • The existing ridge line to your roof needs to be raised
    • The slope or any part of the roof which faces a highway is to be altered
    • The proposed loft conversion exceeds 40 cubic metres in the case of a terraced house or 50 cubic metres in any other case. (This is measured externally)
    • When the proposed loft conversion combined with any other existing extension to a house exceeds the permitted development allowance
    • The building is listed as being of special architectural or historic interest
    • The building is situated in a conservation area
    • The permitted development rights of your property are restricted by conditions attached to a previous planning permission or your property deeds
    • An “Article 4 Direction” covers the building
  • Will you arrange the local authority permission?

    Yes, we will prepare plans and building calculations and ensure that the necessary notices and permissions are agreed with your local authority

  • How long will my conversion take?

    Depending on the size of your conversion, building work is normally completed within four to six weeks. The expected time scale of your conversion will be confirmed to you before work commences on your property.

  • Will there be much disturbance to my daily living routine whilst my conversion is being carried out?

    There will be some disturbance, however at Country Lofts we try our utmost to minimise this by taking account of any concerns that you may have and by keeping you informed at every stage of the work in progress.

  • Can I see a completed loft conversion Country Lofts has carried out?

    Yes, we would be delighted to show you one of our completed conversions. We will arrange for you to have contact with one of our many satisfied customers.

  • Will a loft conversion add value to my property?

    Yes, it has been proven that by converting your loft space area into additional living space the price of your property will increase.

If we have missed anything or you have more questions please use the contact form below or give Country Lofts a call on 07913 443 086

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